Monday, December 12, 2016

The Android of Self Driving Cars

Last week, we open sourced an advanced driver assistance system in order to help accelerate the future of self driving cars and provide a platform anyone can build on top of. We released both openpilot, driving agent research software, and NEO, a robotics platform capable of running openpilot, under the MIT license.

openpilot is an open source adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist system, both safety features available on modern cars. We would like to build the best ones on the market, and help you retrofit them to existing cars.

NEO is an open source robotics research platform. It is centered around an Android phone, similar to Android Based Robots. The modern smartphone is an incredible platform packed with sensors and processing power. NEO also includes a cooling solution and a CAN interface board. CAN is a networking protocol used in cars, trucks, power wheelchairs, golf carts, and many other robotics applications.

With a forthcoming openpilot release, it will become easier for researchers to add support for their own vehicle. On older cars, some actuators may be harder to control than others, but it should be very possible to control the gas electronically to have a gas only adaptive cruise control. It's also possible for researchers to add mechanical actuators for the controls that cannot be electronically actuated.

Have fun, be safe, and let's usher in the future of self driving cars together.


  1. I'm a bit sad that you will not create a final product but this is great, Thanks. Can i made a suggestion? Why not making a basic warning system for cars that don't have LKAS? Like warning when you are about to cross the line without using your turn signal.

  2. Can we trial your open source tool in New Zealand on a private testing ground? If so, what are recommended steps? Martin

  3. Dunno if you have this, but has Android code for all the speed limits in the US.

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